Most homeowners don’t think to call a roofing company until it’s too late. A heavy storm will blow through their neighborhood and cause massive amounts of damage to their roof that will not only lead to costly repairs but can also cause damage to the interior of the home. Leaks, flooding, and wood rot can all be caused by water seeping through cracks and damage on the roof’s surface after a storm, but there’s a way to prevent this. It’s important to inspect your roof before the storm season rolls around. Here’s why;
  1.     Your roof may already be damaged
Roofs don’t only get damaged by heavy storms. Everyday your roof takes a beating from everyday weather. This includes scorching heat from the sun, ice cold winters, occasional showers, and heavy winds. Inspecting your roof will find that damage and give you a chance to have it repaired.
  1.     A previous storm may have caused underlying damage
Most roof damage is undetectable by the untrained eye. It takes an experienced roofing contractor to catch the kind of damage that you can’t see from the ground. If you haven’t gotten a roof inspection since the last bit of heavy rain, hail, or even since last storm season, you may have damage that’s gotten worse over the span of time since your last inspection. An inspection will tell you whether you’ll need a repair or a full replacement.
  1.     Pre-existing damage leaves your home vulnerable
Damage that exists before the next storm comes leaves your home susceptible to its heavy winds, rain, and possible hail. When you tend to that pre-existing damage, you strengthen your roof’s ability to protect your home and family.
  1.     Your roof may be too old to withstand the incoming storm season
If you live in an old home that hasn’t had a roof replacement within the past 15-20 years, your roof won’t hold up to a severe weather event. An inspection can bring insight to the stability and strength of the roof and see if you need a new roof altogether.
  1.     It’s better to be proactive than retroactive!
It’s best to take initiative in protecting your home and family. A roof inspection will start you towards the process of preventing major damage such as the roof caving in that could cause serious injury. When you strengthen your roof before storm season and stay ahead of the curve, you’re being proactive!   Storm season is just around the corner and that means it’s time for you to be proactive. Crest Exteriors offers free comprehensive inspections with no obligation to hire us. We help with the claims process to work with you towards getting the insurance company to pay for your roof repair or replacement. Call us today at 855-316-7663 to start the process of protecting your home and family.