Some roofing companies make you pay for a roof inspection, and this may cause you to think it’s strange that some companies offer the inspection for free. It can seem too good to be true. According to Home Advisor, a roof inspection costs between $119-$295. This number can go as high as $600. So why would a company offer it for free? Intentions A company’s intentions aren’t always what they seem and to most people, all companies are money hungry. So if they don’t take advantage of an opportunity to make money, they must be up to something right? Not necessarily. Crest Exteriors understands how important regular inspections are for the safety of your home and we don’t think that anyone should have to pay twice a year just to make sure their roof will protect them. Our intentions are to give your family the very best when it comes to your most important asset: your home.  To get jobs It’s true that some companies will go out of their way to offer free inspections just to get jobs, but that’s not the case with us. We won’t do your inspection for free and then tell you your roof has damage if it doesn’t. We believe that inspections exist to provide peace of mind to homeowners, not jobs for our crew.  We will provide a full assessment of any damage that is present as well as any weak spots that may put you at risk in the future. Our inspections are no-obligation so you can choose to go with a different company to repair the damages we found or choose not to take any action.  A storm blew through You often hear of out-of-town roofers appearing and offering free inspections after a storm has blown through an area. Often times they aren’t even licensed to work in your state. This is one of the rare times when a free roof inspection is too good to be true. Since they can just skip town after they’re done with their job, they often exaggerate the amount of damage there is to get more money. So how are we different? Crest Exteriors serves multiple areas in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Florida, and more while we do assess storm damage, we do offer free inspections to take advantage of it. This isn’t ever a limited time offer. We always offer free inspections to everyone. We provide an unbiased in-depth assessment with a detailed report on the exact condition of your roof. 


Our inspections are free with no obligation to hire us to do the repairs that we find. If you want a free inspection so you can know the condition of your roof, call us at 855-316-7663.