While searching for a reputable roofing contractor, you probably came across the phrase “We are licensed, bonded, and insured,” but what exactly does that mean?  Certain states don’t require a contractor to be licensed and often times it isn’t a measure of skill. Although some contractors who aren’t may be just as skillful as those who are, it doesn’t mean they should be working on your home.  Licensed Sometimes a license means that they’ve gone through proper training through a reputable technical school or apprenticeship and successfully completed that training. Sometimes it means they paid a fee or proved a certain number of hours of experience.  The whole idea of a contractor getting a license is to show that they’ve put in the effort to legitimize their business and prove to their customers that they’re fit for the job. A license shows that the contractor is able to do the job, has done the job before, and can guarantee you the job will be done successfully.  Bonded When a contractor is bonded, this means that the job will get done, no matter what. Contractors pay a bonding company as a sort of insurance plan. This means that the contractor will be able to afford materials and subcontractors through that bonding company. If the contractor can’t complete the job for any reason, the company will step in and hire someone to complete the job for them.  When you hire a contractor that is bonded, you can feel safe knowing that the job will get done no matter the circumstances. Insured Roofing is a dangerous job because of the use of power tools, the chance to slip and fall, and other chances for injury. When a contractor is insured, it covers the workers. This ensures that they will be able to receive medical care if they get into an accident on the job.  Not only does this cover the contractor under worker’s compensation laws, but it also covers you. If the contractor wasn’t insured and a worker got insured on your property, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover contractors working on your home and you’d ultimately be responsible. 


Life is unpredictable and there are so many problems that can happen during a roofing job that having a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured is a necessity. 


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