Getting your roof replacement can make anyone a bit nervous. Chances are you haven’t ever had one done before and you’re not sure what to expect.  There are steps you can take before a roofing job to make the situation easier to deal with, but what exactly goes on during the roofing experience? Here’s what to expect right after hiring a contractor for a roof replacement: It’s starts before the roofers get there A few days before the roofers start working, a dumpster might be delivered to your home. This will take care of the shingles, nails, and scraps that will inevitably fall or be thrown off your roof. You may also receive a delivery of the shingles to be used on your home, either on your driveway or placed directly onto your roof. This makes it easier for contractors to get the job started.  It’ll get messy Roof replacements can get messy but most contractors take precautions to make sure the mess gets cleaned up and doesn’t do any damage to your property. They may lay down tarps or cover any bushes, gardens, or plants you may have along the sidings of the home.  Most contractors will do a quick inspection of the property to make sure there isn’t any debris left over after a job is done and that there is no damage to your property.  It’s noisy The second contractors begin working, the area becomes a construction site. There will be hammering, the sound of powertools, and yelling going on. If there is anyone in your household that’s sensitive to noises, make sure they’re aware that the process will be noisy. It’s a long process From the initial inspection to the day of disposal, there’s a chance that a month could go by. The actual length from start to finish is dependent on many things, so it’s important for you to keep in contact with your roofer and make decisions together quickly to ensure a faster roof replacement. This will keep your home from being stuck in construction mode. New problems may arise No matter how deeply your roof was inspected, the construction process could reveal issues that could create delays. Mold, pests, and other problems have been known to pop up during a roofing job. Be aware that there’s a chance the initial quote given to you will change because of these delays. 


If you have a roof replacement job coming up, it’s good to be prepared and know what to expect. At Crest Exteriors, our goal is to make this process as painless and stress free as possible. Call us at 855-316-7663 if you have any questions and we’d be happy to answer them.