It’s easy to forget that your gutters are an integral part of your roof. Gutters play an important role in protecting a home from the damage that weather brings. It’s a small part of your roof that plays a huge role in its efficiency. Gutters are a delivery system that surrounds the perimeter of a roof and guides water, fallen leaves, and runoff away from the base of the home. If rain water were to fall directly off your roof and wasn’t redirected by a gutter system, your home would experience problems like:  
  • Soil Erosion
Soil erosion can cause gardens to wash away, it can loosen the soil around tree trunks and cause them to become unstable, and cause deep puddles to form beneath shrubbery.   
  • Roofing and Siding Decay
Siding and roofing can begin to decay if there is no way to prevent water from running down sidings and edges of your roof. The wood can begin to rot, paint can start chipping, and damp walls can develop mold.  
  • Foundation Damage
Soil and cement erosion can begin to eat at the foundation that holds up your home. As the soil beneath the foundation erodes, there’s a risk of the ground beneath your foundation to loosen. Severe erosion can compromise the structural integrity of your home.


In order to prevent any of these issues to your home, it’s best to get broken gutters repaired or to have the system replaced. If you have:
  • Broken sections
  • Large cracks
  • Disconnected downspout
  • Missing end caps
  • Ineffective splash blocks
It’s time to get your gutters replaced.


Here are some ways to make sure your gutters stay working efficiently


Clean your gutters Take some time out of your day twice a year to clean out your gutter. Leaves, twigs, weeds, and sludge can block your gutter system and cause it to flood. This can weigh down your gutters and cause them to slowly detach from the roof. If you live in an area surrounded by trees, you may want to clean it out regularly.  Not only does cleaning your gutter prevent disaster, but it’s the type of preventative maintenance that will save you money. Also, your gutters can tell you if you have roof damage. Check the bottom of your downspout and if there are granules of asphalt from your shingles, that means that your roof may have endured some damage or that it’s getting old and needs to be replaced. 


Switch to a seamless gutter system If you still have the original gutters that your home came with, there are better options that are safer for your home like seamless gutters. These gutters are made from one long piece of aluminum that is molded to the perimeter of your roof and have no seams that could potentially crack or leak.


Get a leaf control system A leaf control system blocks leaves and debris from building up in your gutters and can be added to your existing gutter. While they keep large pieces of debris out, your gutters should still be inspected periodically as smaller ‘bits and pieces’ can get through and eventually back things up.