It may seem easier and less costly to call to have your roof repaired but there are times when the best course of action is to replace the roof altogether.  Knowing the difference between needing a repair or a replacement can save you money in the long run. Here are some reasons why you would need one or the other.  Age The age of your roof can help you determine the action to take if you notice something is wrong. If you had your roof replaced within the last five years, or you moved into a brand new home, you may just need a repair.  If your roof is older and you’ve never had it replaced, repairing it would be like patching an old tire. It’ll do the trick, but not for very long. The next storm that hits could be the one that rips off all the patches and causes severe damage. Leaks A single leak can be fixed with a repair depending on how extensive the leak is and whether it’s caused any structural damage. When you find a leak, look around the rest of your home to see if there are more. Multiple leaks call for a roof replacement. Damage Depending on how severe the damage is, you’ll need to replace the roof. It can cost more in the long run to simply repair it.  A roof inspector can tell you if you need a repair or a replacement, but it can be hard to tell if they’re legit or trying to get more money out of you unnecessarily.  Make sure that the inspector is from a reputable company that’s license, bonded, and insured with excellent reviews and ratings. A legit roofer cares about your safety and won’t take advantage of you. Energy Efficiency The energy efficiency of your home can go down as the quality of your roof diminishes. This can cause your utility bills to skyrocket because the internal climate of your home is compromised.  Having your roof replaced and using new energy efficient materials will not only keep your home protected against the elements, but save you money on your bills. How long you’ll own your home It’s hard to know how long you plan on living in your home. It seems like a waste of money to get a roof replacement if you’re going to be moving out within the next year or so.  However, if you purchased an older home and you plan on that being where you put down roots, replacing your roof is the best course of action. It’ll save you money on future repairs, better protect against future natural disasters, and repair any damage the previous owner didn’t have fixed.