When prepping your home for an upcoming roofing repair or replacement, there are a few things that you need to consider. The process of working on a roof can be loud, messy, and sometimes can create a dangerous environment. Here are a few ways you can prepare your home to keep your family and valuables safe. 1) Move your car It’s best to move your car across the street and away from your driveway. Nails, shingles, tools, and other materials often fall from your roof during a repair and can scratch or dent cars in the area. Another reason to move your car is to allow for service vehicles like trucks and vans to park in the driveway. Close access to their tools and roofing materials makes a roofer’s job easier and quicker. 2) Clear out personal items If there are items that you keep outside, go ahead and put them in your garage, shed, or inside the home. Items like inflatable pool toys, grills, and children’s toys can be damaged during the roofing process. Decorations that hang from roofs, gutters, or sidings should be removed like wind chimes, bird feeders, lights, and holiday decorations.  3) Cover outdoor Pools Having an outdoor pool that isn’t covered by an awning or patio cover should be tarped over or covered. Some materials that fall into the pool can be too small to notice and can cause potential harm the next time you take a dip. Using a tarp or pool net can make clean up easier after the roofers are gone as they catch any materials that could fall in. 4) Move lawn furniture Lawn tables with glass tops or lawn chairs with fabric cushions can be broken or torn if a hammer falls or a nail gets imbedded into the cushion. Move any delicate furniture into the garage or further away from the base of the house. 5) Keep pets and kids away Kids and pets get curious when there’s something new happening around the house. All the noise and banging coming from above can entice them to go outside and watch. While most roofers are okay with being watched by children and are comfortable around pets, it can be dangerous if they come too close. It’s best to keep them indoors and if they want to watch, they should be monitored at all times and keep a safe distance from the base of the home. 6) Prune Trees Any trees that stretch and cover your roof need to be trimmed back to allow the roofers to repair the areas it covers. If you’re just doing a roof repair in an area away from where the tree is, this may not be a concern. However, pruning branches away from the roof can actually save the roof from future damage and prevent gutters from clogging so it’s good to get it down regardless of what area is being repaired.  7) Tell your neighbors Roofers can sometimes start working as early as 7am and while that may be okay with you, it might not be with your neighbors. As a courtesy, once you get a schedule from your contractor, inform your neighbors if the times that the repairs will be taking place. They’ll thank you for it. 8) Don’t like loud noises? It’s 100% safe for you to stay at home during roofing repair or replacement, but if you’re not a fan of loud noises or inconveniences, it might be a good idea to book a hotel for the time it may take to complete your roofing job. If you work from home and need peace and quiet to do your job, a trip to the library or a cafe is a great idea for the hours you typically work.