2020 is finally here and it’s time to start fresh. You probably cleaned your home, purged some unnecessary things from your closet, and took down your Christmas decorations. But there’s something you missed from your list of things to do to start the new year right. 

A roof inspection.

 The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends checking your roof at least twice a year.  If you didn’t do it in the spring or fall like they recommend, the new year is a great time to do so. While you’re up there taking down your Christmas lights, do a quick assessment yourself and then call your Crest Exteriors for a free roof damage inspection. 


Why it’s important to inspect your roof


1) Problems don’t happen overnight 

It’s hard to notice when your roof has damage, especially when it’s been awhile since the last major storm. Most roof damage starts off small and unnoticeable and if you don’t check your roof at least twice a year (with the exception of after a bad storm) you won’t catch the type of small damage that can lead to disastrous results. By the time you notice any issues, they often come in the form of leaks, mold build up, or roof streaking. These problems are very costly to repair after prolonged exposure and roof inspections can help stop these problems before they get too bad.

 2) Do you have a warranty?

If you’ve had your roof repaired recently, they typically require annual or biannual inspections to keep your warranty. The new year is a great time to check your warranty and see if you need to get a roof inspection done right away. 2020 is the year to read the fine print and ensure your warranty isn’t voided.

 3) Curb Appeal

The new year is a great time to try and put your house on the market and go somewhere new. If you do a roof inspection you can check to see not only if there’s damage that can lower property values, but also if your roof needs an update for curb appeal. A beautiful new roof in a stylistic color can make your house a must buy in the new year. A roof inspection can check for any visual damage that makes your roof unappealing while also giving you a chance to start the process of replacing your roof with a free quote.


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