There’s a reason that we regularly point out how important a job your roof has. It not only protects all of your belongings and the interiors of your home, but it also is a major component in protecting you when the outdoor elements aren’t so great. Your roof is like your bodyguard. It stands between you and many different things that could cause you or your family harm. While your roof is very strong and can withstand quite a bit, there are still a variety of things that can put your roof at risk. There are some things that you can do in order to help protect your roof, but many different risks to your roof can’t be prevented. The best you can do is to choose the right help after something has happened to your roof in order to make sure your roof is able to continue to protect you and your family. Here at Crest Exteriors, we’ve put together a list of things that could be a risk to your roof, and what you may need to do to mitigate and resolve these risks.


The number one risk to any roof is one that no one has any control over: the weather. From snow and ice to hail and high winds, your roof is exposed day in and day out to all the various weather conditions surrounding your home. In fact, this is the number one thing that your roof helps to protect you from. While you can’t do anything to stop nasty weather from damaging your roof, you can provide a weather-damaged roof with expert roofing care. Making sure that your roof gets the attention it needs after a bout of severe weather can help to prevent further, more expensive damage to your home. Regular inspections and maintenance can also help to keep your roof strong, secure, and able to withstand tough weather conditions.

Power Lines

Nowadays, new build homes typically have buried power lines that are easily out of the way (unless you’re digging up your garden), however, older homes in many areas of the country have power lines that run from the utility lines directly to the roof of a home. These power lines, while sturdy, can cause problems for homeowners, especially in the case of severe weather. If something happens where a power line is dislodged, falls on your roof or on the ground, stay back. Contact the power company to come resolve the issues and contact Crest Exteriors to do a free inspection to make sure that your roof is unharmed.


While weather can really take a toll on your roof, trees cause damage that is rarely cheap and easy to fix. Trees are one of the more preventable risks to your roof as well. You can easily make sure that all trees surrounding your house are properly trimmed back and receive annual care in order to keep them healthy. However, if a tree branch does hit your roof and take off more than a few shingle granules, you’ll want expert help quickly.

The professionals at Crest Exterior are always available to help you with your every roofing need for your Colorado Springs home. From inspection to installation and insurance claims, we can handle it all! Contact us today for more information.