Roof Colors: There’s more than just Brown!

The roof of your house is just as important to the overall appearance of your house, as your hair is to your head! It’s easy to just say “just pick any color” when our roofer asks but, the color of your roof affects a lot of different aspects of your home.

Keep Those Energy bills Low

This one isn’t very obvious but, if you want to save some money on those energy bills then, putting in some thought to your roof color is important.

  • Whether you use your attic or not chances are it still gets heated, The effect of roof color could be between 20 to 40 degrees in difference. This will definitely have an  impact on your home’s heating
  • If you live in Dallas your almost always going to want lightly colored shingles. These will reflect the heat coming in from the sun and keep the temperature of your house down.

As a general rule have lighter colored shingles in warm climates and darker colored shingles in cold climates to absorb and keep in as much of the heart as possible.

Your not alone

If you live in a mansion with huge amounts of land to every direction, then you can skip this next section.

  • Consider Curb appeal, a high contrast curb scheme will make your home definitely stand out. Make sure your HOA won’t fine you first before picking something crazy.
  • As a general rule you don’t want the exact same roof color as your neighbour. Just like your hairstyle roof color is looked at as a differentiator in the home design world.
  • Drive around your neighbourhood or nearby and take a look at different homes. Did any of the stick out and demand your attention. If they did and you want your home to have the same effect go ahead and talk to our roofers about what color will give your home the same effect.

The Color Wheel

So while I was in school I knew a kid that had a very pale face and bright highlighter green hair. Something always seemed of with the kids appearance. Let’s avoid that.

If you have a white house then consider picking a darker roof color, unless you want your home to look like the white house.

Most houses have brown or maroon bricks or some variation, with this your going to want to choose a color that’s similar but not exact, some mix of cream or white will work great.

Lastly one fun fact about how people perceive your house based on the color, dark colors make your house seem smaller whereas lighter colors make your home seem bigger.

Roof Visuals take up 17% of a home’s appearance so what kind of statement do you want to make. If you want to be the kid from my high school then go ahead and get a bright pink roof color. Whatever you pick make sure you’ve put some thought into your choice. Our roofers will always be there to provide professional assistance and advice. Call us for a free inspection at 855-316-7663

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