At first, it can seem like an impossible task to select a new shingle.  At one time it was as simple as saying “red” or “green” or “blue” and choosing between 10, 15, or 20 year shingles.  The manufacturing techniques have improved so much that now you can find shingles warranted for 50 years or more.  Most people would want to change the style of their homes before the shingles were in danger of reaching their life expectancy!

The difference is that nowadays good quality shingles aren’t just stamped out on a machine; they’re designed, and they form an integral part of the overall style of the home.  Two essentially identical homes, built beside each other, should be of equal value.  But that is before you take curb-appeal into account.

The house with rectangular, monochromatic gray, shingles will never compare favorably to the other home if it has any other new designer shingle.  The simple truth of the matter is that, with the properly selected shingle, the same home could be worth tens of thousands more when it comes time to sell.  It is difficult to overestimate the value created by a beautiful design-choice.

Ordinary shingles look like you chose the cheapest possible solution because you were going to sell soon.  It completely ignores the fact that other people are going to have to like it in order to buy it.

Style Over Function?

Absolutely not!  If the shingle won’t perform the job, it is absolutely pointless to install it.  That is why every Crest Exteriors facility has shingles specifically selected for the geographic area that they service from that location.  One mile high at Denver, Colorado provides completely different weather than San Antonio, Texas, and different still from Atlanta, Georgia.  We actually use the top five suppliers of quality shingles because they cover the whole range of necessities, requirements, and designs to suit every need.  Let’s have a look at the companies.

TAMKO™ Shingles

Tamko offers a wide range of shingles with 20–50 year warranties.  Their designs include synthetic slate that looks just like the real thing, or shakes that could fool the experts!

ATLAS™ Shingles

Atlas, another fine supplier, offers GLASSMASTER™ fiberglass shingles with a 30 year Transferable Warranty, with the more traditional rectangular appearance.  They are algae resistant, wind resistant to 150 mph, and driven rain resistant to 110 mph.

For algae-proofing they offer PINNACLE HP™ with copper enhanced granules that stop algae dead in its tracks.  STORMMASTER™ SLATE or SHAKE are both rated to 130 mph with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, and are algae-proofed with SCOTCHGARD™.  Its impact rating is Class 4 because of its tough rubberized layer.

GAF™ Shingles

Another top-rated shingle manufacturer, GAF provides Stain Guard™ to prevent airborne algae from ever gaining a foothold and creating those hideous black streaks that make your house look old and uncared for.  Styles like Country Mansion and Grand Canyon are distinctive and beautiful.  Can you say “Curb appeal”?


In a world where it’s getting harder and harder to be remarkable, to stand out a bit from the crowd, Owens Corning brings us Intense Harmony™.  Here we get colors that are starkly different from each other, yet managed to create a beautiful effect.  Any of them will increase the curb appeal of your home to visitors or buyers.


Of course the favorite with our customers has always been the Landmark SeriesMax Definition shingle because of its chameleon-like design that just seems to integrate seamlessly with any design or style of home.  Our customers actually prefer it about three to one over the other choices in the Weathered Wood color.

Styles such as Carriage House and Grand Manor both resemble slate because the shingles are double thickness, causing them to cast pronounced shadows, and giving them an unprecedented dimensionality.  Other popular choices are the Centennial Slate, particularly in the Fieldstone color, or the Highland Slate because of its deliberate dark shadow line to add depth, combined with the fact that each shingle is individually colored.

In some areas you are restricted from having your own choice of roof, being obliged to conform to what else exists in the neighborhood.  In those neighborhoods the word “natural” comes up quite often meaning that you must have shake or shake-like shingles.

To solve that particular difficulty, Presidential Shakes are virtually indistinguishable from cedar shakes because of the depth of each shingle.  Thick Multi-layered construction allows it to cast a deep shadow, too.  Alternately, there is the Independence shingle, which is a full based shingle but it also possesses randomly applied overlay tabs.  The broken sequencing of shingles make it look more realistic than most any other design.

The Takeaway

Don’t be intimidated by having choices.  Choices are good!  We have expert advisers and knowledgeable designers that will help you make the best choice for your home.

And don’t forget that we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  And you can be reassured when you read through delighted customer references!  We provide guaranteed quality, expert workmanship, and a completely clean jobsite when we’re done.

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