Strategic Planning, Bidding and Project Management Services:

Crest Exteriors will provide initial planning and design along with cost saving suggestions and accurate estimates on all procedures and materials. We’ll also explore sustainable and green building options.

Our full-time, experienced estimators have strong relationships with trade contractors. We work as a team to provide you with the most accurate budget estimates. Multiple estimates are prepared and plans are reviewed in detail.

Crest will personally invite selected bidders with whom we’re established to attract multiple bidders for each bid division. Our method for separating bid divisions can provide you with a pool of bids for comfort. This helps support local contractors, gives the Owner readily available access to your team, and helps with warranty and maintenance issues. This will also reduce travel and mobilization costs.

Our full-time superintendent is on-site to address concerns and reject faulty materials or workmanship. This person works as a representative to eliminate problems and ensure integrity and quality of the project.

We will maintain your schedule to reduce downtime for fewer delays and incurred costs. A rolling schedule is updated weekly and shared with all subcontractors.

We also identify items with long lead-times


The approach of linking an all services together with a contractor under one contract offers multifamily clients a single-point of responsibility. This design/build project delivery system lets owners enjoy advantages of reduced risks and overall cost control by holding a single entity responsible for the entire project.
Design/build is not simply a portfolio of services offered by a contractor, but rather a deliberate and carefully planned delivery of an entire experience. From start to finish, Crest Exteriors LLC’s design/build project delivery system includes high levels of collaboration, trust, interaction and feedback. Throughout the experience, we focus on minimizing your risk while staying true to your initial vision

Project Communication and Application Technologies at Work

Robust and well-integrated project communication and workflow technologies are critical to a successful project. Crest Exteriors technology toolbox includes everything from smartphones and PCs/mobile devices with secure job site Internet/WIFI to project management software applications.

Putting project technologies to work doesn’t end there. We are also able to utilize the following to keep you up to date and your project moving forward as efficiently and effectively as possible:

  • Commercial scanners and plotters
  • Acculynx and Drop Box for sharing project documents, record keeping and file sharing
  • Advanced Drone with Go Pro HD Technology
  • Eagle View Pro for estimating -Web cameras for viewing real-time project status and security
  • Web conferences for team member and client updates

As you can see, Crest Exteriors is well-equipped and positioned to leverage a broad spectrum of technology for the success of your project. From the methods, we use to communicate to the materials chosen for construction.

Protecting Your ROI

As a leader, Crest Exteriors takes primary responsibility over the project budget with our senior estimator providing accurate estimates throughout the early stages of design. We take control of the project schedule, budget, quality and site safety. It is important that early in the construction process we define the role and responsibility of each team player to avoid duplicating efforts or omitting services.

Once the project starts the project manager will handle the coordination of the project and all contractor related issues and cost issues as well as coordinate the project schedule and budget. The project manager will coordinate all team meetings and present project status reports to the Owner on a bi-weekly basis.

Crest Exteriors will coordinate and document the daily activities of the construction trades making certain all specifications are maintained and that any defective labor or materials are rejected. During this process, we will also outline our expectations relating to staffing needs and schedule adherence so there is no misunderstanding.